Food for the wildlife at Tasikoki

Every day we need lots of food for all the wildlife in Tasikoki. We currently have 350 animals to feed, of which most are birds. Which animal would you like to provide food for for one day? Or a month? Or maybe even a year?
Birds and reptiles
The cost of food for the birds and reptiles is HKD 183.55 per day, or HKD 5,600 per month, or HKD 67,000 per year. We would be very grateful if you could support us to raise the funds needed for these daily returning costs!

The cost of food for the orang-utans is is HKD 73 per day, or HKD 2,222 per month, or HKD 24,000 per year. By donating to this project you help us to make sure Bento and Is get fresh fruit and veggies every day.

The cost of food for the sun bears is is HKD 65.75 per day, or HKD 2,000 per month, or HKD 26,667 per year. Sun bears don’t hibernate so we also need to feed them 365 days a year 😉 Will you help us to raise (part of) the funds needed for this?

The total cost of food for all the wildlife in Tasikoki is HKD 482.20 per day, or 14,667 per month, or HKD 176,000 per year. With your support you help us to secure the daily basic needs of all the wildlife in Tasikoki.


  1. we are students from Kennedy school and we would like to help you but we are not allowed to give money so is there any other way to help?

    • Hi Charlie

      Thanks for your request. You can help promoting our work by sharing our website with family and friends. If you can donate items then send us an email to

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