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Tasikoki Visit by Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College in 2018

We are very pleased to announce that a group of staff and students from STFA Yung Yau College will visit Tasikoki and some of the nearby Masarang projects in 2018.

After an initial visit to the school to meet the principal, Mr Alex Kai, staff and students with school sponsor, Mr Billy Yung, then Masarang HK commitee members, Sharne McMillan and Adrienne Watson Smits, arranged to speak to a large group of students and staff in October 2017 about our charity, Tasikoki and biodiversity issues in HK as well as Indonesia.


After hearing the talks from Sharne and Adrienne, some responses given by the students
are shown below:

I can now say that I’m “otterly” fantasized by the world of animals! When Ms Watson was telling us about how the wildlife’s lives are endangered because of us – human beings. It made me realize that humans are really selfish. We are taking away the lives of these species just to enjoy our own. After the heartwarming sharing by both Ms Watson & Ms Sharne, I’m now determined to change the lifestyle ours (eg use less plastic bag) in order to help save the lives of many. (Laiba 5D)

Before the talk,I didn’t know that there is a centre protecting animals in Hong Kong and nor did I know that there are so many beautiful and amazing species that are unique in Hong Kong. I used to believe that Hong Kong is lacking its unique species but I learn after the talk that this is not true. The talk encourages me to pay more attention to the waste problem and the animal orphans in Hong Kong. I hope I can have a chance to visit the Marasang centre and know more about nature.
(Anna Wong 5D)

Actually I have learnt a lot from the talk especially about biodiversity. This talk gave me the opportunity to understand that there are still a lot of species that need our care and protection in Hong Kong. Also, I’ve got a lot of new information about the extinct and endangered species and it really increased our awareness of protecting animals.
(Kystral Lee 5D)

The talk was inspirational. As a student in HK, I was not aware about the type of unique species HK has. I am looking forward to the chance to join the visit. Hope that I can be chosen!
(Aimen 5D)

Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for coming to our school to promote the importance of nature conservation.  I am crazy in animals too. They are cute and friendly to us. But unfortunately, some of them are in the verge of jeopardy. I have learned that we should save water and woods to prevent further deforestation. I feel sorry to the endangered species. It’s high time for humans to do something. Your talk impressed me a lot! Thank you again!
Christy Yiu (5D)

The talk is really informative and meaningful. It provided multifarious photographs for reference. Besides, it reveals the importance of conserving wild animals and maintaining the biodiversity. Biodiversity is vital for not only humans but also the whole ecosystem. As we have no idea on what will happen when some species become extinct, we should attach great importance on the biodiversity in nature.
Moreover, the wild animals are treasures in the earth so we should take the responsibility to protect the endangered species and maintain the biodiversity. It is really great that students can more about this so we may increase the awareness on the endangered animals.
(Hiu Tung 5D)

We are looking forward to their visit and we are grateful for the kind sponsorship of Mr Yung to allow the visit to take place.


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