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Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) Continues to Support Masarang HK Projects and Promote Nature Conservation

VSA Supporting Nature Conservation

Sale of Masarang HK 2017-2018 Calendars

Throughout December and January, a total of 176 ‘2017-2018 Masarang Hk calendars’ were sold at Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA).

A warm thank you to Jeffrey Wai 4A5, Michelle Tsui 5A1, Harry Clark 5A3, Hilary Cheng 5A4, Aviva Wong 5A5, Cynthia Wang 5A6 & Bernice Chu 5A6, for their enthusiastic help in selling the calendars.





Annabella Deayton 3A2 and her sister, Eloisa 1A3, were also busy in December as they raised HKD 171 by selling toys and clothes they had outgrown and kindly donated this amount to Masarang.


First RAK Week at VSA

From Feb 13th to 17th, VSA students took part, for the first time, in The Random Acts of Kindness Week (#RAKWeek), which is a yearly worldwide event aimed at turning the world kinder. Throughout the week, students were encouraged to show their kindness and appreciation towards others through character building and special RAK activities led in the classroom.




Clothing donation

As part of RAK Week, Year 5 students were encouraged to bring clothing donations for the children of the Masarang’s village hub in Tembak, where six of VSA teachers will be going to over Easter. The clothing donation was led by the Student Council(SC). In total, the SC received over 4 full boxes of clothing. A fantastic effort that will be greatly appreciated by the Tembak community.


‘Dress the World’

To conclude this special week, on Friday Feb 17th, VSA Primary students and teachers wore clothing and/or accessories from around the world to show their openness to others and different cultures. They were also encouraged to bring a small donation of $10 to support Masarang. In total, HKD 6170 was raised.

‘Dress the World’ was an initiated action by Christine Ren and Anita Tse from 4A7. In this photo, Christine and Anita, helped by Faith from the same class, are counting the money collected.

On Feb 21th, as Ms. Adrienne Watson, President of Masarang HK was visiting VSA, Christine and Anita proudly announced the amount fundraised at the event of the ‘Dress the World’.  Anita and Christine were warmly congratulated by Ms. Watson for their initiative and support to Masarang.

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