Posted by: Admin | October 30, 2016

Masarang Club at Victoria Shanghai Academy Initiate Weekly ‘No Palm Oil’ Snack Day.

We wish the whole world would follow their example!


On Thursday, 22nd September, members of the Masarang Club presented their action plan to Dr. Judith Guy and Mr. Dawson. The Masarang Club will be implementing a weekly No Palm Oil day to encourage the students of VSA to eat snacks that do not contain palm oil. Members of the Club hope that students will buy and eat environmentally friendly snacks and in turn, adopt more sustainable habits.


‘No Palm Oil’ snack day will take place every Thursday during morning recess. Details about this day will be written on the VSA portal in the upcoming weeks. Snack suggestions will be displayed on the 5th floor boards as well as different names for palm oil that fall under ingredient lists on products.


Students who bring snacks without palm oil will be rewarded one house point. Students are encouraged to bring fresh fruit for recess snacks but more suggestions will come in the near future. In the meantime, try out this recipe at home!



  1. This looks like a very good recipe,and it looks like Masarang is a very good thing!!!

    • We are very glad you like the recipe, Matt. Thank you for your kind comments. The Masarang HK Team

    • Let me tell you more about masarang cause Masarang is an organisation that take cares of wild animals and make sure they are safe and when they are, Masarang will release them into the wild…. you can also search it on google

      • Thank you for being a wonderful Eco-ambassador, Maxine. Masarang HK is the Hong Kong registered charity supporting the aims of the Masarang Foundation, primarily through raising awareness in Hong Kong and Asia. We are very pleased that you are helping us to raise awareness. Therefore, thank you for being a Masarang ambassador too! The Masarang HK Team

  2. I’m in this school and I tried this recipe and it really taste GOOD

    • Very glad you enjoyed it, Maxine. Thank you for your kind comment. We appreciate all the many years of support from the Victoria Shanghai Academy community. Masarang HK Team

  3. This is so AWESOME!!!

    • Thank you Maxine, we also think that you are awesome for giving such kind appreciation and support.

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