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Supporting Sustainability of Earth’s Resources – Conservation

This Blog has been written by:  Hari Preetha 5 Hope, Nicole Sim 5 Hope, Ranya Sandra 5 Peace
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace.

On 23rd September 2016, Ms. Watson from Hong Kong, President of Masarang Foundation came to our school (CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace) to share with us about the importance of sustaining Earth’s resources. Through the assembly programme, we have learnt valuable lessons.


You may be wondering how we, humans, can ‘save’ or ‘help’ Mother Earth by doing our part by keeping our planet clean and green. It is because there is no other planet in the universe that humans can live in. Most of all, it is our duty to keep our Earth clean and take good care of it.

One of the ways to sustain Earth’s resources is to conserve trees. Trees help not only humans but also birds and other animals as they create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for them. Trees also take in carbon dioxide and harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the surrounding air and they release oxygen vital for living things. If we keep demolishing our rainforests for human activities and benefits, such as to build buildings or to make paper, we are actually demolishing animals’ homes and destroying an entire ecosystem in the rainforest. Here are some ways on how we can play our parts to conserve trees:
1. Use paper wisely
2. Use both sides of a paper
3. Use recycled paper for drawing, sketching etc.
4. Plant trees and restore our rainforests
Another way to sustain Earth’s resources is to protect endangered animals. We should not destroy forests for our own needs. If we destroy them, the animals would start wandering into the cities and because they want to protect themselves, they might indirectly attack us.
Our first instinct would tell us to run from that place. However somehow the animal gets killed by an authority. The poor animals are actually being killed for no reason as we were the ones who took away their homes and when they come out to look for food, they end up in the city. It is our fault when animals are actually endangered. For example, the orang utans spend more than half of their lives living on trees, if we cut the trees down, their homes would be gone. Orang utans are primates closest to human beings, we must protect them.

There is also another reason why animals must be protected. Particular animals are being poached for their body parts as they either have medicinal value or kept to decorate a place. Some are also killed for their meat. For instance, Blue Whales are killed for their meat in Japan mainly. People in China catch sharks, cut off their fin and let them back into the sea. Eventually, the shark would die as it would lose a lot of blood and it would not be able to swim. The fins which are cut off would be used in a cuisine called ‘Shark Fin Soup’. Tigers are killed for their skin to beautify a house. Elephants are poached for their tusks as it can be used to make piano keys and it has medicinal values too. These are the reasons why animals are endangered.

Lastly, I would like to say we must practise the 3Rs – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Always remember to do your part to keep the world clean, protect the trees and animals by sparing a thought for them. Or else, one day after many years, animals would become extinct and humans would be in a zoo watched by robots. If you do not want this to happen to us, please start to save our Mother Earth.

We had an enriching session with Ms. Watson, our teachers also had an engaging session to learn more about conservation after the assembly programme. We thank Ms. Watson for her valuable time and experience shared in CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace.

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