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Another Rescued Orangutan for Sintang Orangutan Centre

NEW ARRIVAL: Joy (boy)  2016-03-17

Joy just arrived in the quarantine enclosure
Yesterday we rescued together with the forestry police a young little fellow of probably around 5 years old, from Sosok around 4 hours from Sintang. His name is Joy, although he is a boy. The lady who had kept Joy for around 5 years was very upset and continuously crying. She had treated Joy like a human kid, dressed him in baby clothes and diapers, gave him human food like noodles, rice and sweets. She showered him every day. And he was even taught how to ask for a clean shirt when it was dirty by taking it out and giving it to the lady. Also she had taught him to brush his teeth and use a toilet like humans. Either lack of sunlight or the human food that can cause malnutrition, has resulted in the very white skin of Joy.

Joy just arrived in the quarantine enclosure

Joy just arrived in the quarantine enclosure

When the lady got to say a final goodbye to Joy, she wanted to pull out the leaves of the transport cage, which SOC staff and the forestry police had just put in the cage to give him a nice and soft environment, and to reduce heat. According to her he did not like leaves and preferred a ‘clean’ place, although Joy was obviously enjoying the leaves.
While Joy was still wearing the clothes that the lady had put on, they started the trip to SOC the beginning of his new journey; rehabilitation to prepare him to be able to go back home to the real forest.
When Joy arrived at SOC we took off his last clothes he had not yet taken off himself and brought him to a quarantine enclosure where he immediately actively started moving around the leaves that were in it. He was not scared, but feeling a bit awkward in his new environment with new people. After a long day where a lot had happened for this little fellow he rolled himself in a blanket and took a good rest.
This morning he seemed to be feeling a bit lonely and not really understanding yet what was going on. The staff tried to comfort him to let him feel more at ease after these big changes in his life.
We hope his adaptation and quarantine process will go smoothly, and that he will be able to play with his peers soon like a real orangutan.



Lady who kept Joy saying goodbye


Joy in the transport cage on the car not knowing what is going to happen


Arrival at SOC


Joy in the quarantine enclosure exploring his new enclosure


Joy feeling lonely laying down in the quarantine enclosure not knowing where he is and what was going to happen next



Update about Joy will be posted in 2-3 days.

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