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The MessageBottle supports Masarang Foundation

HeroesToo is proud to announce their first partner, Masarang Foundation, and recipient of donations from the proceeds of their just launched Crowdfunding campaign, the MessageBottle.

HeroesToo Foundation is an environmental NGO based in Hong Kong. They are focused on a global solution to environmental issues, and they believe in protecting the planet through people power. The MessageBottle is a result of this philosophy, and is designed and will be funded through the people. The idea of the bottle is simple: your cause, your bottle.


Each bottle is colour-coded and reflects your individual commitment to a wide range of environmental efforts and social causes. The proceeds from each bottle will fund a correlating cause. Over 17 different causes have been identified and are aligned with UNs Global Goals ( Being a crowdfunding campaign, the goal is to raise at least USD 30,000 to successfully manufacture the bottle.


Through the first week of the campaign, backers have supported HeroesToos educational programme, the EcoPledge which educates schools and its students to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Now, with the introduction of the partnership with Masarang Foundation, backers are now able to choose to support the cause that they care the most about, when purchasing their bottle.

The Masarang Foundation protects endangered Asian species, promotes reforestation and empowers local communities and any funds received from the campaign will be used to support their reforestation initiatives in Indonesia.

Along with supporting Masarang Foundation, with the purchase of a MessageBottle, HeroesToo has also added a special perk of a 2-week volunteering experience at Tasikoki,, one of the animal rescue centres, along with four MessageBottles to share with your family our friends. This experience allows the volunteer to help rescued endangered animals that are undergoing rehabilitation before, when possible, release. The experience also includes working with Tasikokis education programmes locally and regionally, with the purpose of spreading awareness about the global threat of biodiversity loss.

We hope that youre all as excited as us about this project, and that you will show your support by purchasing the bottle before the campaign ends at the beginning of December, and, of course, share the message with your family and friends.

One bottle, global impact.

You can learn more about the project and support the MessageBottle here:

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