Posted by: masaranghk | April 6, 2015

Masarang & VSA

On Monday March 24th, Dr. Willie Smits, the founder of Masarang, and Ms. Adrienne Watson, the President of Masarang HK, visited school and met up with students. Dr. Smits was in Hong Kong as he had been invited to talk to Hong Kong University students later on that week.

On March 31st Mrs. Smith and four of our teachers, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Clark, Ms. Gore and Ms. Levkovich, left Hong Kong for Sintang in the vast province of West-Kalimantan in Indonesia to meet up with Dr. Smits. There, they got to witness the lives of most traditional population, the Dayaks, whose way of life is being threatened by deforestation led by palm oil plantations.

The objective of this trip was, in one hand, to further integrate Masarang and environmental concerns within the curriculum and secondly, to identify how the money recently raised could be best used.

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