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Island School Technology Department and Maximal Concepts Working Hard to Support Masarang HK Projects


A team from Maximal Concepts, including ex-Island School Student, Malcolm Wood, worked with Chris Lord and the students from the Food Technology Department at Island School to raise funds to support the work of Masarang HK.

The team from Maximal Concepts and Island School worked together in a Fry-Together, to prepare some very special burgers for the Island School Community. More than 170 burgers were prepared, cooked and sold in school.

The students had been trained how to prepare the fillings and cook the burgers so on the day of the sale, it was all about teamwork and mass production. With support from teacher, Mr. Chris Lord and the Maximal Concepts team, the 18 students involved were split into two: a team for the playground and a team in the classroom. The classroom team had a to cook two thirds of the buns and had a really good production line going, whilst the playground team cooked the rest on the outdoor grill and sold all the burgers.

It was a very hectic lunch hour as 172 burgers were sold, raising $6500 for the Masarang HK charity. Even though there were a couple of unforeseen hiccups, everyone really pulled together to ensure this was a major success. Additionally, it gave pupils a really valuable experience into the catering industry.
burger sale 1

burger sale

Pupils were additionally really happy to receive a gift bag from Maximal Concepts, with a T-shirt, certificate and meal voucher.

Please watch the video from the event:
A big THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the whole team involved.

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