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The Fight for the Forest by the Seberuang Dayak of West-Kalimantan

The Seberuang Dayak live around the Saran forest complex some 80 kilometers south of the district capital, Sintang.

Illegal logging by Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSN) Palm OIl Company in virgin forest June 2013)

Illegal logging by Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSN) Palm OIl Company in virgin forest June 2013)

This traditional, Dayak virgin forest supports significant biodiversity and has been protected by the tribe for a long time. The Seberuang Dayaks use the forest as a source of water, food, materials, medicines and simply love to hear the voices of the birds and gibbons. Their electricity comes from a micro hydro plant that they built themselves and they know that electricity depends upon the water of the forest.

The forest is however being threatened by logging by palm oil companies. Despite the brave efforts of the wise leaders of the Seberuang Dayaks and their efforts to ask the government to stop the illegal activities of the ‘PT Kencana Alam Permai’ and ‘PT. Prima SawitAndalan’oil palm companies belonging to the ‘PT Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSN)’ Group, the logging of virgin forests goes on. This goes against anything Indonesia is saying about a moratorium on logging and respecting local rights.

The damage to the forest will cause habitat loss for birds, animals and plants, flooding and silting up of rivers that provide electricity, drinking water and fish and most likely cause a change in local climate. In light of this, the small Dayak village bravely fights the overwhelming outside palm oil forces surrounding it. The link presents a powerful statement from the leader of the Seberuang tribe, who is fighting to keep his people united against the outside forces.

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