New macaque ‘stage 4’ forest enclosure for release group

At Tasikoki we have many species of Sulawesi macaques. All of them are endemic species. The majority of the macaques is the species endemic to North Sulawesi, the critically endangered crested black macaque. Currently we have a group of 26 individuals that are almost ready to be released back into the wild soon. The last step in the rehabilitation process is the group socialisation phase. The enclosure we currently have is too small to introduce any more individuals in the group. Therefore we are planning to put a monkey proof fence around a piece of forest on site, so they can get used again to a more natural environment and we have more space to introduce the remaining individuals to the group. A bigger group has better chances of survival, so it is important to make the group as big as possible. Also, the more monkeys we can release, the more space we have after their release to help other monkeys in need of rescue.
Groups of students from 4 High Schools from Hong Kong have worked on this project to clear the area for the fence line and dig the holes for the fence posts. With your help we could complete the fundraising, so we can start building this enclosure.
Masarang Hong Kong, Tasikoki volunteers and staff and our volunteer recruiting partner form the UK have already raised a third of the total amount needed, but still HKD 113,000 is needed.

Estimated duration of construction: 4 months after funding is completed

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