Medical Supplies

Both the Singtang Orangutan Centre (SOC) and the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre are in need of Veterinary medical supplies.

Currently the Singtang Orangutan Centre ( SOC) has over 36 rescued Orangutans whilst Tasikoki has over 400 rescued animals of many different species, many of which are endangered.

Sadly, more often than not, rescued and confiscated animals arrive at the centres in need of urgent medical attention, as well as, of course, a great deal of loving care. We can supply the loving care, but much needed equipment is required at both centres.

Please find below a wish list of medical supplies and equipment. If you are able to donate any of the items on this list please contact us. We would be most grateful for any help you could offer.

We will commit to ensuring this list is always kept up to date and will make reference to all of our generous donors. On behalf of SOC and Tasikoki, we would like to thank you in advance.

– Vital Signs Monitor/ Patient Monitoring System
– Syringe Infusion Pumps/ Ambulatory Infusion Pumps
– Examination Light & Service Pendant/Ceiling Pendant/Surgical OT Light
– Hypo/Hyperthermia Equipment
– Blood & fluid Warmer
– Patient Warmer (Forced Air Blanket System)
– Anaesthesia Record & Charting System
– Electrosurgical Units
– Patient Stretcher
– Rat Tooth Foreign Body Retrieval
– Sterilization Pouches, Bags and Papers
– Animal Cage Washer
– Storage Rack
– Dryer/ Drying Cabinet
– Washer/ Disinfector
– Steam Sterilizer
– Heat Sealer
– Digital Mobile X-Ray
– Haematology unit
– Computer Radiography System
– Scatter Radiation Protection
– Enzymatic Cleaner & Lubricant Rust & Corrosion Remover
– Dental Products Disinfectants
– Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants for Washing & Disinfection Machines
– Wound Disinfectant
– Accessories: Dispensers, Pumps and Disinfection Baths
– Instrument Maintenance Sprays
– Floor & Surface Disinfectants
– Negative Pressure Wound Therapy & Dressing Product
– Antiseptic irrigation solution and dressings
– Face Mask
– Surgical and Medical Examination Gloves
– Consumables for GA machines and Ventilators
– Paediatric Blood Pressure Kit
– Antibiotics for Children
– Microscope
– Cotton Swabs
– Band Aids
– First Aid Kit
– Electrolyte Oralite
– Thermometer
– Antihistamine Cream & Tablets
– Latex Gloves

Items Needed in Clinic – Not Veterinary Specific