Materials for improving the Tasikoki orang-utan facility

At Tasikoki we currently have 2 orang-utans, Is (about 9 years old) and Bento (about 11 years old). They are both victims from illegal wildlife trade. The Tasikoki volunteers and staff take great care of them by giving them food and attention many times a day and making enrichments for them every day. But orang-utans are very smart creatures, so they always like to be busy discovering new things.
Therefore we have a plan to build physical structures and apparatus to improve the Tasikoki orangutan facility, such as locomotive products, resting & nesting opportunities, shelter and visual barriers, foraging opportunities and a walking bridge. A fulltime welder dedicated to this project for one year was already sponsored by the Monkey Business Foundation from the Netherlands, so only sponsorship for materials is still needed.

Estimated costs and duration of this project: HKD 40,000 for 12 months

“IS” playing with a scarecrow and many other physical enrichments in the


  1. Is sure had fun with the scarecrow I made for Is and Bento.

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