List of project proposals Masarang – November 2014


1. Scholarships
Masarang’s goal is to provide 200 students with scholarships this year, at all educational levels
Cost per semester per student:
– Junior High School: HKD 400
– Senior High School: HKD 550
– University: HKD 1,000

2. Sugar palms for West Kalimantan
Buying high-productive (“plus trees”) sugar palm seedlings from North Sulawesi, transporting them to West Kalimantan, setting up a nursery and compost production. Masarang aims to send sugar palms seedlings to West Kalimantan continuously, so every year new trees will start fruiting and the production can continuously grow and provide income for the local people.
HKD 1,000 for 50 sugar palms
HKD 5,000 for 300 sugar palms
HKD 10,000 for 700 sugar palms
HKD 20,000 for 1500 sugar palms
HKD 50,000 for 4000 sugar palms

Tasikoki projects

1. Salary for key functions at Tasikoki.
Tasikoki is currently looking for funding for these key staff functions:
– Veterinarian doctor: for daily healthcare of the wildlife at Tasikoki. Currently there is only a temporary vet for part of the year and for urgent care a vet from Manado has to be hired. Yearly cost: HKD 50,000
Monthly cost: HKD 4,200

2. Monkey forest enclosure.
Tasikoki is specialized in Sulawesi macaques, in particular the endemic to North Sulawesi black crested macaque. Because of recent confiscations there is a strong need for new housing for Sulawesi macaques, as well as renovation of some existing enclosures so they can be used as well to house the 80 Sulawesi macaques currently taken care of at Tasikoki. Estimated costs: HKD 50,000
Monkey forest enclosure

3. Food for the animals
The rescued animals need balanced, appropriate food to ensure they gain full strength and can be fully rehabilitated and ultimately released.
Yearly costs: HKD 240,000
Monthly cost: HKD 20,000


Sintang Orangutan Centre
There are six orphans and 12 adults that are currently being cared for by Dr Willie Smits and the staff at the Sintang Orangtutan Centre. The babies are all orphans and require many years of ‘forest school’ before they can be released. Many of the adults had suffered years of abuse before being rescued.
All of them require care and attention, as well as good food.
Vet: HKD 50,000 per year / HKD 4,200 per month
Keeper: HKD 15,000 per year / HKD 1,250 per month
Food and enrichment: HKD 165,000 per year / HKD 14,000 per month

Bablu Bembi FS 6 (4) Beno FT5 (2) cemong Digo FS 6 (2) Gagas FS 6 (3) Jamilah FS 6b enrichment Jojo FT5 Joy FT 4a Juvi FS 6b Mamat FT5 Matuary FS 6 Momo FT5 (3) Mungky Oli Penai FS 6b (3) Putri Tanjung Ribang FS 6 Terra FS 6


















Picture. Orangutan at Orangutan Rescue Center

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