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Stories which were writen by DR. Willie Smits.


In this Blog Willie describes the way The Dayak live and introduces Mimi, a small and brave girl with already huge responsibilities. A very touching and inspirational story, the reason Masarang exists.

Pak Apui

In this blog Willie describes his friendship with Pak Apui, one of the wise and elder people of the village of Tembak, and tells more about the traditional life stile of the Dayka.

Willie’s Blog March 22, 2014

Back to Tembak. In this blog Willie describes his observations on the effects of climate change that penetrate into the heart of Borneo.

Willie’s blog April 22, 2014

This blog describes how Mamat along with four other companions will be released in the forest of Tembak. A very touching blog!

Blog Willie december 2012

My name is Mamat.

Blog Willie 12 May 2012 A Sunday at Tembak

Willie writes about an impressive trip he makes through some primary forest in West Kalimantan, Borneo. He possibly even discovered some new species.

Blog Willie 10 February 2012

Willie continues his earlier blog from 24 January and tells about the events with the Dayak in West-Kalimantan.

Blog Willie 24 January 2012: the sugar palm gives hope to the Dayak

Willie reports about his work with the Dayak in West-Kalimantan in order to give them a better future and safe their forests. The sugar palm plays an important role!

Blog Willie: West-Kalimantan sugar palms

I am not sure how many of you know that I am a board member of the Deforestaction project on behalf of the Masarang Foundation. Over the last three weeks I basically spent all my time with a team of 15 young environmentalists from all over the world…

Blog Willie: developments in Sintang, Borneo

August 2011, Willie writes about his visit to Sintang, Borneo, an area where he is active for years now, to protect the forest and its animals. In September he receives the 16 eco-warriors here, for the project ‘Deforestaction’.

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