There are a number of opportunities for you to support Masarang HK.  Here are some of the projects that you could consider supporting with either donations of time or money.

Have a look at what interests you most via these links to the Masarang Netherlands website and then contact us in Hong Kong for more details.

Saving threatened wildlife and biodiversity

Scholarships for children and youth

Assistance sustainable farmers


Support for local culture

We look forward to hearing which project you would like to support via an email to


  1. Hi, i would like to be a voluntary and join the activities,i hope i can get more experience and help others.

  2. I think the environment is being damaged and more and more creatures’s living are being harmed. The natural environment is negatively changing and it really needs to be protected and restored. I hope that there would be more organisations just like Masarang devote to save the environment.
    Please show more informations about the public meeting. =]

  3. Thanks Carmen and Rita for your interest in supporting Masarang HK.
    We will certainly keep you updated about future activities.

  4. Hi, I am interested in a project which can be used as a CAS project for my IB diploma. How can I contact you and start with it?

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