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Discovery College: Protecting Endangered Wildlife, Planting Trees and Much, Much More



Once again, Discovery College supported the Masarang Foundation projects and went to Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue and Education Centre in Sulawesi, Indonesia, in November 2017.

As the photographs below show, the whole group worked hard, experienced a great deal and shared with local students, as well as also fulfilled CAS visit expectations. A win, win, (win, win) scenario!

The students not only worked hard whilst in Indonesia, but they also worked hard to prepare in Hong Kong. A bracelet sale, organised by Melanie Toh and Casey O’Brien, was able to raise funds for sugar palm planting in Indonesia, in addition to raising funds for the purchase of wish list items to donate to Tasikoki. Additionally, some students took part in a bake sale to support the projects.

We are very proud to have worked with Discovery College School Community for many years and remain very grateful to those students and staff, who made the arrangements and took part in the trip, especially Peter Muir, Cheryl Osbourne and Steve Bolton.

A Big Thank you from Masarang Hong Kong and All the Tasikoki Team!

Students Comments

Overall this experience was amazing with my classmates. The area was clean, the view was nice from our rooms and the soundings amazing with all different types of animals like bears, birds, monkeys, wild pigs, deer and crocodiles. Every day was planned out very well with good organisation. We did hikes, visited 2 schools, made food for the animals, saw and fed the animals, went snorkelling and lots more. The rooms were nice and big with several bunk beds with a balcony and of course a bathroom. The only down side was the weather as it was very hot, but overall the trip is amazing and I would like to go back one day.
Clemence Bureau

Overall, the trip to the Tasikoki wildlife reserve was amazing. Even though there were many spiders, mosquitoes and early mornings, Everyone on the trip had a good time. We did many fun activities which included snorkelling, visiting a school and watching them perform their talents to us, beach clean ups, food foraging for the animals very early and watching baby turtles hatch and help them towards the sea, which is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The views from the lodge were amazing and some of us were lucky to wake early to watch the beautiful sun rise up into the sky.

The snorkelling was definitely my favourite part about this trip. Seeing the coral in the coral triangle really makes you think to yourself how beautiful our world is. In the water we saw many different marine species ranging from colourful coral to elegant turtles. Others on the trip got to go scuba diving, which was amazing seeing all of the marine life.

Another very exciting activity we got to experience consisted of creating enrichment puzzles for the animals with the reward of a juicy apricot or a tasty walnut. After this activity we got to decorate the sun bear’s enclosure which was extremely fun for everyone. The most exciting part about the decorating was watching the sun bears look for the food and activities placed in the enclosure once they were released. The sun bears had so much fun eating the food and playing with our puzzles, paying off for our hard work.

Overall, this trip was really fun doing all of these activities and if I got the chance to go back, I would definitely go back. The only thing I would change if possible is to get a diving licence so I could scuba dive.
Will Cheung

Casey and I bought a lot of dried fruit and nuts (dried cranberries, cashew nuts, etc.) for the animals, as well as medical items (bandaids, antihistamines, bug bite relief creams, etc.) and a few stationery items (whiteboard markers) with the money we raised for Tasikoki.
Melanie Toh

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