Posted by: Wisnu | June 30, 2017

JCSRS Walkathon

Health, Wealth and Happiness

The Sarah Roe Jockey Club School has been supporting our projects for many years. Their annual Walkathon is a wonderful inspiring event and from the funds raised the school community donated a wonderful $6, 950 to Masarang HK. This will be used to help support the projects at Tasikoki as well as the Sintang Orangutan Centre.


Please read more about the wonderful Walkathon from a school staff member below and see the inspiring photos of the school community taking part in the event.


JCSRS Walkathon

Another of our annual events is the fundraising Walkathon that we held on Wednesday. This is a healthy and fun way for us to give back to the community. Half of the proceeds will go to our regular recipient, Masarang HK, who work tirelessly to enable sustainable living in Indonesian villages, care for endangered wildlife and take active part in reforestation.  The other half will go to a charity to be chosen by the student council. We were well supported by the students of KJS. Thanks again for donating generously and to Jackie and Kelly for their passion and leadership.


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