Posted by: Admin | May 3, 2017

Teacher Trip to Tembak

When is an Easter holiday not a holiday? When a team of six teachers from the Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) spent their Easter holiday volunteering at the Sintang Orangutan Centre (SOC) projects in Kalimantan.

They taught at village schools, visited the rescued orangutans at the centres, collected curriculum materials for their school, distributed donated items and led a teachers workshop for local teachers from 10 village schools in the vicinity.

Not much of a holiday, but the team really made a great difference!

We are very grateful for the caring voluntary work by the teachers and the wonderful support from the VSA community.

Additional thanks to Gavin Coates, whose lovely book ‘The Last Nut’ proved so inspirational during the teacher workshop.

Adam Hill, one of the teachers who took part in the visit, has written a most interesting and informative blog about the trip.

We have included the link to this blog below:

Should other schools be interested in arranging a similar trip to the same project, or the Masarang projects in Sulawesi, please let us know.

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