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Green Week and Eco Warriors at Clearwater Bay Primary School

Masarang HK is very grateful for the long-term support from Clearwater Bay Primary School.

The school’s annual Green Week is a wonderful way to raise awareness about the environment for CWBS community and for all of those who wonder what they can do to make a difference, in addition to raising much needed funds to support Tasikoki Education and Rescue Centre and the Sintang Orangutan Centre. The school community raised the amazing total of $12,160!
We are very grateful for the wonderful awareness raising and support from the CWBS community.
The Masarang HK team.


Eco warriors waiting for the book swap.


Green Week and Eco Warriors at Clearwater Bay Primary School

Each year at Clearwater Bay primary School in Hong Kong we have a Green Week to show our support for the environment and to enjoy some eco-friendly activities. Children from our Eco-warrior club help to set up and run the activities. We also raise money to support our friends at the Masarang Foundation. This year our activities included Meat free Monday, Fruity Friday, a book-trading event and a dress casual day, which raised $12,160 for Masarang HK. We were lucky that Adrienne could come in to school to speak at assembly to tell us about what the funds will be spent on.


Below are some quotes from the Eco-warriors:

‘We started the art activities because we wanted everyone to know that you can be creative with nature.’ Rou and Jasmine

‘We did a recycling activity because we wanted to inspire other people to recycle and make the world a better place.’ Henry, Anya and Fenella

‘On Monday we didn’t eat meat to cut down the use of resources to help the environment.’ Beth and Claudia

‘We had turn it off Tuesday to save power.’ Sadie

‘We did the book trade because we want people to enjoy books and not waste paper by buying new ones.’ Jivesh and Ishaan.

‘We dressed in green and blue to show our love for the earth and support for Masarang.’ Aashka

‘We raised over $12,000 for the Masarang Foundation and increased awareness of environmental issues.’ Angela

‘We held a healthy lunch competition to not just to have an impact on the Earth but to have an impact on ourselves.’ Ella

Not using packaging was also an important of Wednesday’s healthy lunch competition.’ Misha

Justine Taylor, CWBS Class Teacher and Masarang HK Supporter.

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