Posted by: Wisnu | April 14, 2017

Make A Difference

Wow! What a lot of children got to hear about the Masarang Foundation in one day.

On 13 January, ESF held their Year 6 ‘Agents of Change’ conference.   There   were  approximately   900   primary students and representation from over 20 NGOs.
All   the  students  showed  a   high level  of  engagement, asked   relevant   questions   and   offered   meaningful suggestions about the action they could then take after the conference.

The Keynote presentation to start the event was given by our very own Dr Merrin Pearse, who shared why he is keen to be M.A.D., which in this case refers to ‘Make A Difference’.   He   shared   his   passion   for   reconnecting people with nature and how Masarang HK helps him to do   that.   His   main   message   to   the   students   was   to explore   during   the   day   topics  they  are   passionate about,   not  what  their  friend  or  sibling  is   passionate about. Then after the keynote the students chose which topics they wanted to hear more about during three workshop sessions.

Our Chairwoman, Adrienne Watson, led the workshop session and shared with the students the work being done  in  Hong   Kong   and  Indonesia  by  the  Masarang Foundation. She also explained how the Masarang HK team   of   volunteers,   with   wonderful   support   from   a number of schools, is helping to make a difference to those projects.

Thank you to all those who chose to join this event and hope you continue to make a difference!

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