Posted by: Wisnu | March 29, 2017

VSA Students Listening, Researching, Taking Action for Environmental Protection

After our recent talk to students at the Victoria Shanghai Academy about the impact of plastic waste, especially on the four species of sea turtle nesting on the Masarang-supported Tulap Beach Project, the students have become even more active environmental ambassadors.

We hope they will inspire others to think about and reduce the waste they produce, especially the huge amount of plastic waste being thrown away.

Please Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover whenever possible!


How do people’s choices impact animals and their habitats?

On Tuesday, February 21st, Adrienne Watson from Masarang Hong Kong came to the VSA to speak to the Year 2 students. The Students have been learning about the choices that people make and how these choices impact various habitats. Ms. Watson spoke about the impact plastic has on our oceans, with special reference to the endangered sea turtles that the Masarang Foundation is trying to protect.  Ms. Watson discussed ways that we can minimize the use of plastic in our daily lives.  Since Ms. Watson’s talk, Year 2 students have become more aware about their daily choices and have begun taking action!

After the talk,  2A3 students reflected on what they had learnt and information they wanted to find out more about.

As result, 2A3 have become very concerned by the use of plastics in the school cafeteria and have started keeping a tally. Let’s see where this will take them…

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