Posted by: Wisnu | March 20, 2017

Challenge Yourself for Masarang Foundation Projects

Selfa at the Winter Elfstedentocht 2017

Whether you like protection of rainforest, protection of endangered species or empowerment of local communities, we have many projects that need help and support.

The Masarang HK volunteers are very grateful to all those who help and support us.
In 2017, we are aiming to raise more funds than ever before, so please let us know if you are able to help.
We would like to bring your attention to a wonderful year-long fund raising effort by Selfa. Please click on this link to find out more about Selfa’s amazing 12  months of challenges.
If you are could support her, please contact her/the Masarang nl team:
If you think you could take part in a fund raising effort here in Asia, please let us know:
Thank you.
Masarang HK Team

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