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Masarang Hong Kong Calendar Update

On February 5th, Chairperson of Masarang Hong Kong, Adrienne Watson-Smits, officially handed over half the funds raised from the Masarang 2017 calendar sale to the treasurer of Masarang Indonesia during a board meeting in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The calendar sale raised HKD30,000 profit.

The calendar was the result of the joint effort of Adrienne and Merrin working with volunteers Anna Conley and Olof Jonnerstig. Several people contributed pictures, especially Ross Burrough from ESF. The calendar featured mostly orangutans from the Sintang Orangutan Center, to which the other half of the calendar sale income will be donated next week, but also many animals at the Masarang Foundation’s Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre. The donation will help support the medical care of the animals at Tasikoki.

A particularly big thank you goes to the Victoria Shanghai Academy community as they sold 176 calendars. The sale was led by long-term supporters Primary Principal, Mr Ross Dawson and Teacher, Ms Bene Benoit, as well as the Masarang Club members.

From left to right in the picture: Joudy Sangari (secretary of the board/lecturer at Universitats Sam Ratulangi), Richard Siwu (head of the board/rector magnificus of the UKIT University), Tartius Timpal (advisor/rector Minaesa University), Willie Smits (head board of trustees), Onna Senduk (treasurer and holding the donation in Indonesian Rupiahs), Adrienne Watson (chairperson Masarang Hong Kong) and Erwin Tanauma, director of the Gunung Hijau Masarang company that manages the Masarang sugar factory).

Calendar Sale

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