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Discovery College Raising Environmental Awareness and Raising Funds

A team of Discovery College (DC) staff and students visited Tasikoki again this year as part of the school
‘No Boundaries’ CAS programme. Teachers, Ms. Cheryl Osborne and Mr. Danny Freer, led the student group to Tasikoki and helped encourage the group to do their very best for themselves, for Discovery College and for the Masarang Foundation projects.

The team worked hard before they went to Tasikoki to prepare for the trip, including a ‘question and answer’ bake sale to help raise funds for wish list items for the Centre. One of the students, Hanna, a highly accomplished cake baker and designer, made the wonderful rainforest cake shown below.
This bake sale raised over HK$5,000, enabling the group to buy a mini projector for the Tasikoki education projects, as well as a cash donation, which will be used to help the rescued endangered animals much needed rehabilitation.

Hanna’s wonderful rainforest cake

The group worked hard during the trip. Hanna explains more about the experience below.

Between the 11th-18th of November, a group of sixteen Year 11 students from Discovery College visited Tasikoki to learn about the environment and help out with various tasks, such as a permaculture project, making enrichments for the animals, catching bugs, etc. During the course of this week, we learned a lot about sustainability, over-fishing, and deforestation. It was really interesting going to the palm sugar factory and seeing how this eco-friendly type of sugar was made. We also visited a local secondary school and got to share and interact with the students there, which was fun. By the end of this trip we had all become much more conscious about palm oil and our consumption of it as well as the horrors of wildlife trafficking. Overall, we had a great time and learned a lot. Our guides were awesome and their dedication to the cause inspiring.

Hanna Swedenklef

They worked hard after the trip by selling the Masarang HK calendars and Masarang palm sugar at the school fair on Saturday December 3rd to raise additional funds for Tasikoki and the Sintang Orangutan Centre.

Two of the dedicated Tasikoki Team helping to sell calendars and sugar at the school fair.

Discovery Bay residents Dr. Heidi Petrick, Dr. Dagmar Hartley as well as Masarang HK’s Adrienne Watson Smits also attended the event to support the team’s great effort.

Tasikoki Team leaders, teachers Ms. Osborne and Mr Freer and some Masarang ambassadors with Dr. Hartley lending her support.

Thank you very much to D C Tasikoki Team and the D C School Community for your help and support.

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