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Masarang Club at Victoria Shanghai Academy Helping to Protect Rainforests

Take action! Time to say goodbye to Oreos and Ritz Crackers.

On September 22nd, the Masarang Club presented its plan of action against palm oil to Dr. Guy and Mr. Dawson. This led to the historical decision from the school management and administration not to provide snacks containing palm oil at school functions any longer, once current stock have been used up.

alternative-snack-session tasting-session

To this end, on October 27th, a tasting session was organised by the Masarang Club to help select alternative snacks that could be offered to guests and parents at Coffee mornings and other school functions. The tasting session was attended by Dr. Guy, Mr. Dawson and Ms. Leung, who is the Head of Admin. They sampled palm-oil-free snacks the members of the club had baked themselves or carefully selected and brought in school.

Furthermore, the Masarang Club is planning on establishing a weekly NO PALM OIL SNACK DAY on Thursdays and is currently working on an advertising campaign in the form of a movie to educate the whole school community about the harmful effects of palm oil.

Do you know all these snacks do not contain palm oil?


Arenga Forest Sugar on sale at VSA

在探究單元中,學生探討了棕櫚糖的營養價值。學生還學習了如何看食物標簽,比較各種糖的好處和缺點,很多同學都嘗試用棕櫚糖做出美味的食品。此外,我們還通過購買棕櫚糖幫助印尼的人民。 我們總共訂購了57包棕櫚糖, 所有款項都會捐到青山綠水協會有限公司,協助他們在印尼的工作。



  1. vsa and masarang is a family !HONG KONG VICTORIA SHANG HAI ACADMY HELP MASARANG a lot (i am sure about that)lol.

    • We sincerely appreciate all the wonderful help and support from the whole Victoria Shanghai Academy Community.
      Thank you for your very kind words, Alan.

      Masarang HK Committee

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