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French International School’s Six-day Experience with the Masarang Foundation


French International School Visit Tasikoki


In June this year, students from the French International School in Hong Kong visited the Masarang Foundation in Indonesia in order to further their studies in “Ecology & Second Territories”.

Prior to the trip, the students had been meeting weekly in Hong Kong to discuss the topic of Biodiversity. Focusing on the deforestation issues in Indonesia, they had been learning about the devastating impact of Palm Oil cultivation.

Their trip to Indonesia proved informative, insightful and educational.  The students have taken some time to reflect and have published their experiences in this journal, which we sincerely hope all would read (whether translation is needed or not)!

Visit their website to learn more about their trip which is packed with pictures and videos.

Read what motivated Lucy Cotillon to participate in the trip and learn how she raised funds to help.
Find out what it is like at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre, from Amel Fouad’s account.
Victoria Airaut explains what life is like when mobile phones and the internet are banned for the week.
Thomas Wool explains what a day in the life of Volunteer at Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre can be like…especially the early morning start in order to feed the animals. Plus he talks about how the students learnt to adapt to the heat and handle a day full of activities.
Naïra Penbeyan details some of the insects that live at Tasikoki and how the students learned to share their living space with them!
Whilst Benoit Cuvelier talks more about the larger mammals, reptiles and birds that he encountered whilst staying at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre, he even made a video about this experience.

If you would like to know more about Masarang Foundation’s educational programmes at Tasikoki then please contact us.

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