Posted by: masaranghk | June 9, 2016

An Artist, Volunteer and Nature Lover: Inspiration from Tasikoki


Members of the West Island School (WIS) community will visit Tasikoki again this year. One of the students from WIS, Alex Lawlor Price, was inspired to put brush to paper after her volunteer trip last year.

Although only 16 years old, Alex created the beautiful watercolour paintings shown with this article.

In her words:

artbird“…initially my favourite part about our trip was the animals that I could observe, paint and interact with…Once I returned home, I realised the thing I appreciated the most was the knowledge of climate change and deforestation that we gained from the passionate people that help out, and from Willie Smits. I feel a lot more enlightened and grateful for that, and more inclined to support those causes.”


artbabiAlex, as you can see from her beautiful paintings, is a very talented young lady. We hope her images will inspire others to support Tasikoki and the work being done by Willie and his dedicated team to help promote reforestation, protect endangered species and empower local communities.

Let us know if you are interested in visiting Tasikoki or supporting some of the rescued wildlife there.



Thank you Alex and to WIS for the great support!


Masarang Hong Kong Team




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