Posted by: masaranghk | April 6, 2016

Brief Update on Joy

Our new little fellow, Joy, is already feeling better compared to the first morning when he woke up in SOC. On that day, he just lay down in the corner away from the fence and was obviously feeling lonely.

Joy asked our staff to give him the water coming out of the hose, which one of our keepers was using to clean. When he gave the water from the hose, Joy immediately happily started to clean his face with it. He also already starts to like to play with the staff. 

Lovely to see how Joy step-by-step starts to feel a bit more at ease and is building a relationship with the staff. The relationship with the keepers is so important because they have an important role in his rehabilitation. Trust and friendship is so important to these orphaned orangutans.



We’ll keep you posted about Joy’s rehabilitation.

Thank you for caring. Please support our work!

SOC Team

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