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Wonderful Help from Victoria Shanghai Academy Community

Please read the relevant page of the school newspaper below, which explains how the school has helped us again.
Masarang HK is very grateful for the long-term support of the VSA.

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The VSA sponsored rescue car for the Sintang Orangutan Centre

Over the past two years you have helped us raise a large amount of money to support Masarang. We have wanted to use this money wisely and now we can tell you that a large part has been spent on this amazing 4 wheel reinforced Mitsubishi truck, pictured. car1 The funds were transferred this week. The truck will be used to transport rescued orangutans, staff, resources and equipment from village to village. It will also take four of our teachers to the village of Tembak when they go in the Easter holidays to teach the local students and to take supplies.
Our next target is to have electricity via solar panels, installed in the primary school and the animal clinic in


From left to right project manager Dudung Pakpahan, Kobus Director Father Jacques, Masarang Indonesia Founder Willie Smits, Masarang Hong Kong chairman Adrienne Watson in front of the new VSA sponsored 4WD Mitsubishi car.


Father Jacques, Willie Smits, Adrienne Watson, Alexandra Vosmaer and Dudung Pakpahan in front of the car. In the back it can clearly be seen how much smoke of forest fires is hanging in the air. Lots of people and animals are already getting sick and this car will be in even more dire need in the coming months.

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