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Article from IOA Newsletter

Agarwood, IOA and Orang-utans

You may be surprised to know that agarwood can help save orang-utans, as well as empower local rural communities and protect rainforests; it can!  agarwood0
After the recent IOA lecture given by agarwood expert, Mr Raymond Chu, at Professor Kans wonderful Imperial Museum, I was very proud to be asked to speak about the aims and projects of the local charity that I helped found, Masarang HK, namely to protect endangered Asian species, prevent deforestation and empower local rural communities.
Mr Chu’s lecture at the delightful Imperial Museum was most interesting and informative. Additionally, after the lecture he also took the time to give advice about how Masarang HK could help improve the agarwood projects of the communities we support in Indonesia, especially the Dayak communities in the Sintang region. We are helping to enable them to preserve the rainforest, including areas with agarwood, and encouraging them to protect the endangered species living in the region.
Presently we have rescued 27 orang-utans in Sintang, including ten babies. We hope that after rehabilitation in the Sintang Orang-utan Centre, we will be able to release them into these protected forest havens.
Therefore, agarwood can help us empower rural communities and help allow them to protect their forests and also allow a safe haven for endangered rainforest species, especially orang-utans, the only great ape in Asia.

We hope that we will now be able to find fair buyers for their agarwood, as this will help support the community to save their rainforest and result in a safe home for all our rescued orang-utans!

Thank you very much IOA, Mr Raymond Chu and Professor Kan for the opportunity to raise awareness about Masarang HK and the projects we support in the Sintang region.

These lovely baby orphan orang-utans are depending upon us!


To find out more about our work, please go to: www.Masarang.HK

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