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Masarang Funds for dedicated SOC Team

Masarang HK is very grateful for all the help and support we receive.

Recent donations have been sent to Tasikoki and to the Sintang Orangutan Centre.

The funds we sent to the Sintang Orangutan project were used to provide the annual salary for two trained and dedicated veterinary nurses, as well as help support the work of Dr Viktor, the delightful and caring veterinarian. We also sent the funds for a refrigerator for the clinic.

Thank you to all those who helped us help them.

Please read the article below to find out more about the work of these three members of the dedicated SOC team.


“Saving the orangutans means we will save the people too”


is our vet, as well as manager. He was originally from Sintang but did his veterinarian studies at the Gadjah Mada University, which is a well-known university in Jogjakarta on Java.

He has been working with us for almost two years. He came to SOC because he has a great desire to help in primate conservation. He loves his work at SOC. He is part of a super team with a lot of young people who all have the same spirit: to fight for the conservation of the orang-utan; and, to release them back to the wild as soon as possible.

Although he loves all orangutans, Joy has a special place in his heart. This was the first orangutan that arrived at SOC after he started working here. Joy was very stressed at that time and Vicktor spent lots of time comforting and caring for her. He became someone she could trust and a friend whom she could love and trust.victor3


“I wish all of us at SOC will be able to rescue, rehabilitate and release many more orangutans and give them their deserved freedom in the forest.”


bayu2Bayu has worked for over 9 months at SOC as a veterianary nurse. He was born and raised in Jogjakarta and studied at the same university as Dr. Vicktor and another of our staff, Eko. Bayu and Vicktor have known each other from outdoor activities at university in Jogjakarta when they did a lot of hikes and field trips together.

Bayu is very eager to understand everything about orangutans. He enjoys learning every orangutan’s special and unique character. He loves how the orangutans can teach him new things about their forest and how he in turn can teach the orangutans new things, such as introducing new food to them.

Bayu is a great member of the SOC team, working together to ensure the best care for the orang-utans, helping them to recover and eventually to live free and safe in the wild again. bayu3 


“You only live once and not for ever, never stop trying to become a better person”


eko2Eko is the latest addition to the team. He is a veterinary nurse and has worked at SOC for 3 months now. He was born and raised in Jogjakarta where he also studied to become a vet nurse at the Gadjah Mada University.

He joined SOC because he wanted to fight for the rights of orangutans and other Indonesian wildlife to be able to live in freedom. Eko has a very happy spirit and is always smiling and ready to laugh.

He loves his work at SOC and the team he works with, as they have all become good friends.

Eko is fascinated by the enormous intelligence of orangutans and the way they behave when eating, sleeping and playing with each other. He has been fascinated to learn how orangutans get your attention to communicate their desire, for example, the way they ask for the food you are holding in your hand by throwing twigs, making a sound or clapping their hands.

Please find photos of the three of them together in the surgery room at our clinic while taking care of an orang-utan. surgery1



‘Thank you for the support from the SOC Team’

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