Posted by: masaranghk | June 11, 2015

CWBS Raises Awareness and Funds to Support Masarang Foundation

CWBS Pupil Donation

Carina, a Year 4 student at Clearwater Bay School, felt really worried when she heard that her favourite animals, orangutans, were being threatened by the destruction of their habitat and were being mistreated by humans.  After hearing about the work the Masarang Foundation is doing, she decided that she wanted to help.  Carina managed to raise a fantastic $500 by completing chores around the house.  She was really happy to meet with Dr Smits and have the opportunity to hand the funds she had raised to him personally.


CWBS Bake Sale

As part of the school’s ‘Green Week’ at the end of May, the 22 Eco-Warriors at Clearwater Bay School decided to hold a craft and bake sale to raise funds to support the work of the Masarang Foundation.  The children worked really hard using recycled materials to create some beautiful craft items, which included woven bags, envelopes and pencil pots.  They also baked some delicious cakes and cookies to sell.  The event was a huge success and every item was sold!  We managed to raise $7715.30, which we hope will help the Masarang Foundation continue all the great work it is doing.

Bake Sale 1 Bake Sale 2 Bake Sale 3

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