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Wonderful, Active Support from Kennedy School

I. Masarang Action for Exhibition

Y6 Exhibition Action

For our Year 6 Exhibition, my group and I chose to research and take action on deforestation. For our action we decided that we would like to help the Masarang Foundation in some sort of way so we checked the Masarang wish list to see how we could help. We all agreed to run a stand at the Kennedy School Garage Sale selling old toys and books. In the end we collected a total of $397 but that wasn’t enough money to help Masarang so we talked to Mrs. Davies to see what else we could do. She then contacted one of the teachers from West Island School and asked him to lend us extra merchandise that they were selling at the West Island School Fare (mugs, t-shirts, wrist bands, calendars and palm sugar.) We decided to sell all of these items during our Exhibition and raised much more money.  After we added it all up it we had made around $2,000. We are still planning to sell more of these items at the Kennedy School Green Week in May. When Dr. Smits came to our school and we felt very nervous but we were also very excited. He then asked us all what we would want to be when we were older and asked us if we would one day want to come and help him at the Sintang rescue centre. We all said that we had no ideas whatsoever of what we wanted to be but that it would be great to volunteer at one of the rescue centres.

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II. Anti Palm Oil Action

We were passionate about the Palm Oil Industry issue because it was bothering us a lot because everyday we see people eating and buying Palm Oil. We were also passionate about this issue because the Palm Oil industry is not only destroying the forest but also destroying the Orangutans habitat so they end up dying. We should protect the Orangutan because they are special to humans because they share 96.4% the same DNA as humans and they should have a home too. For our research we found shocking and amazing facts about the Palm Oil industry and Orangutans. For our action, we decided to collect items for Tasikoki wildlife rescue centre’s wishlist because the Tasikoki wildlife rescue centre not only helps the Orangutans but other animals that are endangered. “Meeting Dr. Willie Smits for the first time was a dream come true because we have been trying to help the Masarang Foundation for 2 years and our dreams for working for the Masarang Foundation lies ahead of us and we strongly think that we stepped forward.

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III. Masarang Bake-off Exhibition Action

Palm Sugar Action

Our action was a bake off. How it worked was people had to pay $30 to enter and they got a free bag of palm sugar. We sold the palm sugar on the octagonal on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They then had to go and make something (cakes and cookies in particular) during the weekend and bring it back to the staff room before 9am on Monday. Our group then judged the cakes and we sold all of the cakes at a bake sale to raise money for Masarang. In total we raised over $4000.We were really excited to hear that Dr. Willie Smits was coming in on Wednesday the 25th of March to present the prizes of the bake off to the winners. he also made a speech about the Masarang foundation. He was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. The top three winners got an orangutan stuffed toy and a Masarang Calendar, the eight runners up got a Masarang Calendar as well.

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