Posted by: masaranghk | April 13, 2015

Dr Smits Visits Clearwater Bay School

On Thursday 26th March Clearwater Bay School was thrilled that Dr Willie Smits and Adrienne Watson were able to find time in their busy schedule to visit. We have held a couple of fundraising events this year so far this year, and were very happy to be able to present a cheque to Masarang for $35,162.70.

The Eco-Warriors were very excited to meet privately with Dr Smits before he gave a talks to four of our year groups in the afternoon. It was fantastic to hear about all the great work that is being done to try and reduce deforestation, help the local people and protect wildlife.



“Thank you from the Masarang HK team to the Principal, Ms. Helen Read and the Clearwater Bay School Community for the wonderful ongoing support!”

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