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Victoria Shanghai Academy: Studying, Sharing, Supporting!

In preparation for Ocean Week, we were lucky enough to have Adrienne Watson from Masarang Hong Kong come and talk to the children about how ocean pollution is impacting sea life and has long term effects on the environment.

coastalpollution babyturtle

Ocean Week was celebrated at VSA from the 9th to 13th March. It was a great success with children and teachers taking part in a variety of activities including making an ocean promise, wearing blue for ocean conservation and finding and sharing ocean facts.

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Some of the students also took action to recycle and were selling items to raise money for Masarang Foundation projects.

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On March 11th we held our annual fundraiser for Masarang Foundation, which is actively involved in ocean protection with their sea turtle hatchery project in Indonesia as well as mangrove restoration projects and coral reef protection. The success of the week reflects VSA students growing interest in and commitment to finding solutions to environmental issues both locally and globally.

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‘Masarang-athon’ word search/crossword puzzles

The Masarang HK team would like to thank Kin Hang, Anne and Jacqueline Chan for their kind donation to Masarang HK.

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A big ‘Thank You’ to Victoria Shanghai Academy for the ongoing wonderful support. The Masarang HK team are very grateful!

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