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Wu Kai Sha Kindergarten Raises Awareness and Support


Thank you so much Wu Kai Sha community for your help and support.
We are very grateful indeed.               ” Masarang HK Committee”

 “On November 28th 2014 Students at ESF International Kindergarten, Wu Kai Sha, raised HK$8310 during a ‘dress casual’ fund raiser for the Masarang Foundation.

The children, aged from 3-5years old, were invited to attend the kindergarten wearing clothes of their choice with a splash of green or orange. The colours were chosen to reflect the colour of orang-utans and the forest they inhabit. There was an amazing show of support from parents and children.


Children activity

In order to help the children understand the work of the Masarang Foundation, the children watched a video of a young Orang-utan being rescued. This instigated many curious remarks from the children and we will be revisiting the subject again when we inquire into living things later this term. The children were also involved in activities such as creating a rainforest collage from natural and recycled materials.”


Helen Brighton (K2 Class Teacher, Environment and Sustainability Coordinator)

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