Posted by: masaranghk | October 22, 2014

Rescue vehicle for Tasikoki

Tasikoki now has its own rescue and logistics vehicle!

Thanks again to those who donated for this to happen; Michele, Laura, Glenn, Sally, Gerti, Raymond, Lucienne, JM v.Breemen, Hanna, Jack, Maree, George, Roula, Anna, Madeleine, Darren, Matt, Mathilde, Pam, Vanessa, Shannon, Tom, Alexandra, a few anonymous donors and especially Lebensraum-Regenwald in Germany and Orangutan Help Letzebuerg.

With the help of donations from numerous sponsors from all over the world, Tasikoki was able to buy this rescue vehicle.


No need anymore to spend a lot of money on renting a vehicle, as wildlife in all shapes and sizes can be transported using this small pickup, which is also quite fuel efficient. The vehicle will of course not only be used for rescuing wildlife, but also serves many other purposes, for example to collect greens, browse, branches and tree trunks for the wildlife, or moving water, construction material or other heavy stuff around the site. Tasikoki is on a 56ha compound and needs such a vehicle to harvest browse and forest fruits across site for the 200+ wildlife at the rescue centre. We so far have used it for one rescue mission in Manado (see story via Facebook here:, for bringing supplies to and from our sea turtle nesting site 30km south of Tasikoki and for a building material shopping run in Bitung 20km away. Within less than a month already clocked 1,000km and passed its first service under warranty. In case of emergency, the vehicle can also be used for quick transport to the nearest hospital. It is in many ways a very welcome addition to the assets of Tasikoki!

Part of the funds were raised during an appeal lasting several months through the new fundraising page for the Masarang Foundation on the donation portal Through this website we are able to fundraise worldwide without bank charges, so everyone is able to donate, even if it’s just a relatively small amount. Please check out the page through clicking the link below, and whilst you’re there, why not set up your own SimplyGiving account and start fund-raising for the Masarang Foundation 🙂

Thank you from Simon and the Tasikoki Team

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