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Kennedy Loves Palm Sugar!

Kennedy School Students Lending a Hand to the Environmental Cause
Children at Kennedy School sprung into action after watching Willie Smits’ Sweet Solutions video and listening to Adrienne’s talk when she visited in November. We love to help protect our precious planet and have been involved in lots of fun activities to support Masarang Foundation. An ‘Animal Saver’s’ group formed and joined with our school SEPAs (Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors) to organise a Book Trade Cafe, Cookies and Lemonade. We wanted to help the forest by swapping books instead of buying new. Children in these two groups also made Masarang Palm Sugar Lemonade and Cookies. 400 tickets were sold for $15 dollars each and all of the money raised went to Masarang Foundation. We topped up this donation with a ‘Jungle’ Dress casual day.

Anaya with her Poster
Lots of children also took individual action. Grace made Palm Sugar Scottish Tablet and Anaya designed a poster. Lots of items were brought in to donate to Tasikoki Wildlife Centre and many children shared Willie Smits videos with their parents at home.
Children also became aware of the destructive nature of Palm Oil and many decided to stop buying as many products with palm oil in them as they could. Here are some of our reasons:

– We stopped eating palm oil because it kills the orangutangs habitat.
– I have read all the ingredients and making sure that it has no palm oil in it so we don’t kill the arangatangs habitats.
– I have got in touch the masarang community. Asking them if I could have some information about palm oil. I also told my mom not to buy palm oil products. I also showed them many videos about palm oil and how orangatans are suffering.
– I have taught my parents and my helper how to watch out for things on food labels and we have stopped eating certain foods like Nestle chocolate milk powder and I have also made a poster on palm oil and have stopped eating things which use palm oil. I have also shown my parents the Willy Smits sugar palm video.
– I have tried to stop eating palm oil products like Oreos.
I stopped eating food/snacks with palm oil. Now I usually use palm sugar which is much better.
– I made sure that my family was buying some palm sugar, I found out that a type of food had a lot of palm oil and I made my helpers swear that they wouldn’t buy that food any more unless they really really want or need it.
Grace Sampling her Delicious Scottish Tablet

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