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Hong Kong Students Reporting on Their Tasikoki Trip

(Article for Masarang from King George V School, Hong Kong – by Christina Qi)

I come from King George V School, which is an international school in Hong Kong. Our natural habitat happens to be staggering glass and metal masses that tower over our heads like strange trees.

hk2Planting Sugar Palm Trees on the Masarang Mountain, together with local Students from Rurukan

For the average student here keeping in touch with the environment is a rare thing, probably one which most of us don’t treasure enough. We were offered an opportunity to go to Tasikoki for our ‘challeng week’ program, which is a week of activities that aim to enrich our normal learning curriculum, a small group of us decided to take it.

I believe I speak for all of us in saying that we had an amazing time in Indonesia. We learnt just how much of a treasure nature is and exactly how our unconscious decisions affect the environment. We were taught how to be more aware of the detrimental effects of palm oil, how to care for animals and also how it feels to brush against our natural roots again. It was a challenging week for sure, gathering materials for animal enrichments, planting sugar palms and cleaning beaches among other fantastic activities. We thoroughly enjoyed every activity, from crafting enrichments for the animals to forest clearing. It is a reward working to feel the satisfaction knowing that we’ve done something to help the rescue animals and in turn help the environment. Learning about the sugar palms was something entirely new to the vast majority of our group, most of us hadn’t even heard of the plant before this trip. But after working with Masarang Foundation we have learnt about the incredible benefits this plant, from rejuvenating the environment, stabilizing water sources and even providing the citizens with stable living.

hk1King George V Students visiting  one of the Masarang Reforestation Projects in the Pulisan location.

Please accept our sincere thank you for an amazing experience, which will remain unshakable,
forever within our memories. We hope to continue furthering the work the Masarang Foundation has done
by extending it into our school communities. Thank you!

hk3At the lush compound of the Tasikoki Animal Rescue Centre

hk4Beach Cleaning at Tasikoki Animal Rescue Centre

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