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Words from the The Orangutang Savers, the Kennedy School Hong Kong.

Triplets and Ella taking action

Kennedy School recently raised more than HK$15,000 for the Masarang Foundation, which aims to support conservations in Indonesia. Here are some words from the students who participated in the fund-raising event. They delightfully called themselves ‘The Orangutang Savers!’

We decided to raise money for Masarang Foundation because we wanted to help, set an example and take action. We decided to use the toy orangutan so that we could explain to the passers by what the money was for. We told them: “Would you like to help Willie Smits replant the rainforest then the orangutangs will be saved and have a stable habitat?” We told them the whole story we learned about in assembly. Most people said Ok we would love to help. One lady said if we could spell orangutang correctly she would give us 2 more dollars. We nearly spelled it correctly but not quite. We are practicing..

Masarang HK is currently facilitating these fund raising events to raise awareness on how conservation is being done in Indonesia. The Masarang Foundation aims to empower local people and protect the rainforest as well as protect endangered wildlife.


  1. I am from Kennedy school!

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