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Update on Mamat December 2012

Mamat is curious again! His eyes shine again after many long lonely dark hours in the badly smelling chicken cage amongst the thousands of chicken he saw being removed violently, year after year.
Every day a millimeter… Slowly but surely Mamat’s fingers start to open up! He knows that Adang’s actions with the massage and toys are giving results.
Mamat’s fingers are still crooked but even while still bent he starts to use them to pull himself up again! You can see the determination in his eyes!
There was no strength left in Mamat’s arms a month ago. All he could do was lay on his bed of leaves and glance with despair and sadness in his eyes. We were happy with his first attempts to try to roll over! And now…! With his emaciated legs he for the first time managed to climb on this log and sit by
himself! This transformation is almost miraculous!

Latest news? He was seen putting a towel over his head using his arms and legs!
Here is a picture of Mamat during his first attempts at actually using his right leg, the only somewhat functioning limb after the many years of malnutrition. The forest police that brought Mamat expected him to die that night, but our vet Drh. Sriyanto, pulled him through! Mamat is still emaciated and has hardly any muscle mass left but has started gaining some weight now.

Beneath you can see doctor Sriyanto working with two professional Dutch physiotherapists of the SOMOI foundation, an organization that helps children with difficulties here in the hospital in Sintang. The help from Esther and Nicky was instrumental in getting Mamat’s limbs moving again, each day a millimeter more.
This picture tells it all. Look at the intense expression in Mamat’s eyes while he clings on with the one already functioning finger and with his crooked feet. Note how he climbs using his teeth to reach the tempting fruits!
This fighter is on his way back to the forest!!

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