Posted by: masaranghk | November 19, 2011

Trike for Tasikoki

It is not yet the car 😉 but wow, are Tasikoki happy with the donation from Masarang International! Beneath here you can see some very happy people: from left to right Denny Bolang, manager general affairs; Noldy, head primate keeper and proud driver of the new transport motorbike and on the loading part of the trike, Simon Purser, manager animals.

The Tasikoki compound comprises some 150 acres (55 hectares), so the animals have relatively a lot of space (although we hope to build better and larger enclosures still) but is also means that the distances between the facilities are quite large. As a result, not having any car yet, they had to hand carry loads of food and enrichment all over the compound. Part of that work will now be much easier thanks to this donation! They will also use the trike to transport seedlings for planting, to compile compost, and to bring woody material to the wood gas generator which is expected to arrive any day now to make their own local electricity in a completely environmentally friendly way.

They are also allowed to use the new bike on the main streets, so they can use it for buying local fruits and vegetables from nearby markets, and at the same time they will have a possibility to rescue nearby animals with the bike being able to transport cages and people and in cases of emergency to transport sick people to the nearest hospital. So a hugely important donation for which those at Masarang, and especially the Tasikoki animal rescue center feel very grateful. A very big thank you to all our loyal supporters that enabled this!

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